• To collect national and international data and research work on Taiwan's economic development.
  • To conduct research work on Taiwan's economic development policies and to make policy recommendations.
  • To sponsor scholarly exchanges on Taiwanese economic development research, and to promote advanced research, with the aim of making in order to make the RCTED the primary center in the world of researches on Taiwan's economic development.
  • To manage the Kwoh-Ting Library and Archives.
  • To publish research papers and books, both in English and Chinese, for the purpose of promoting the understanding of Taiwan's economic development experiences, and helping policy makers from other countries to successfully utilize Taiwan's experiences to develop their own economies.


  The personal files of Dr. K.T. Li will form the core of the library's collection. The library will also collect and organize the personal files of other prominent policy makers in the formulation and implementation of Taiwan's economic policy. As such, the library collection will include almost all of the most important information relating to Taiwanese economic development from 1960 to 1980 - a critical economic take-off period for Taiwan.
  In order to maintain its specialization, the RCTED will, on a regular basis, collect all information that is deemed significant in the field of Taiwan economic policy formulation, and make it available, along with other supporting resources (computers, research rooms, and so on), for research purposes. The primary objective of the RCTED is that the NCU will become widely recognized as the foremost organization for the study and research of Taiwan's economic policies.